Installations + Studio Work


Artist Statement

It's as if my constant reflections and observations inevitably return me to the same cache of creative obsessions. Certain themes, experiences, materials, and even shapes, nudge their way back into my mobius strip of a thought process to become the urge to make something.

Building or assembling as a method of working fits perfectly with the way that I develop an idea. This typically finds me cutting, gluing, nailing, or stenciling shapes onto the chosen surface. I progress one shape at a time and one color at a time--playing color off of color, sometimes abstract off of figurative, and possibly technique off of technique.

Each piece takes me from simple through complex and out the other side to complex-yet-still-simple. My decisions along the way result in removing anything that dilutes my excitement for the original idea, as well as recovering from any experimental detours gone wrong.

Mimi Cahalan