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Good Long Look, Mural Installation created by Mimi Cahalan

'Good Long Look' is a  mural art installation located Santa Monica, California. Created by Mimi Cahalan of Santa Cruz,  the mural is constructed from painted aluminum panels

In searching for a mural artist for the Lido Apartments project, I found Cahalan’s work to be a perfect match...Her contemporary composition of colors is really appealing and the metal panels provide the more permanent look of a relief sculpture.
— Samuel Kim, landscape architect

Good Long Look
Santa Monica, California

Acrylic paint on Dibond panels
32ft. x 4ft.
Installed May 11th, 2009
At the entrance of the Lido Apartments
1410 5th Street, Santa Monica, California.

Best viewed from the 5th Street entrance

Statement: Good Long Look

"By variably combining paint, aluminum, wood, nails, and plaster—sometimes in partnership with less rigid materials—I gratify my need to work more physically than traditional painting allows. This merging of construction and painting is what fuels my imagination."