Installations + Studio Work

Ocean Waters, Public Art created by Mimi Cahalan

Ocean Waters is a public art installation located in Santa Cruz created by Mimi Cahalan. It is constructed from painted aluminum panels.


Working with Mimi was refreshingly easy. She did an amazing job communicating her design aesthetic and vision in a way that was personal but open to collaboration…
— Justine Hewitt, Design Program Manager, Store Design Norcal, Starbucks

Ocean Waters
Santa Cruz, California

Acrylic paint on Dibond panels
32ft. x 7ft.
Installed August 31st, 2017
Starbucks at the corner of Ocean and Water
745 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA

Best viewed from parking lot behind Starbucks' main entrance

Statement: Ocean Waters

I wanted to interpret our own Monterey Bay ocean and sea life for this installation,” said Cahalan. “The movement of the ocean is depicted in the rhythm of the shapes, rather than in the water itself. That's very different from my initial design for the mural, and more natural to me. The five kelp groupings characterize our special sea environment. The rest of the shapes express the various, and sometimes mysterious, sea life still being discovered in our unique bay. Abstract whitecap and wave shapes show up sprinkled throughout the length of the mural."